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VB express 2010 using .NET 3.5 Framework

Question asked by Benjamin Abshire on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by Benjamin Abshire

I am attempting to write a stand-alone application on a XP 64bit OS that will access the vault, check out a drawing, open it in SolidWorks, make a change, save, exit, and check the file back into the vault. Everything works OK so far, I can accomplish all these tasks. The problem I run into is when I change the Compile Target Framework from .NET 4.0 (default VB 2010) to .Net 3.5 to make the application deployable. My corporate IT does not support .NET 4.0 yet. When I make the change to the 3.5 target framework the reference to PDMWorks Enterprise 2010 Type Library fails. In the reference tab of the project's properties the Path to this reference says <The system cannot find the reference specified> and I can't figure out how to correct it. I have tried removing the reference but when I add it back in the path is always invalid. Does version 5.14 of PDMWorks Enterprise 2010 Type Library not support .Net 3.5? Any suggestions? Also, when I switch back to .NET 4.0 everything works correctly again.

I have attached some screen shots to better explain what I am seeing.