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auto route question

Question asked by perry leets on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Eddie Pellegrin

Heres the scenario:

I have an assembly with two components in it. One component (component A)  has has spaces (with mate refs) for multiple D-sub connectors to fit.

The other component (component B) already has multiple D-sub connectors on it (with Cpoints). There are also two wire tie clips in the parent assembly.

After adding component B's connectors to the route I'm then ready to start adding cables/wires. I start the "auto-route" mode; pick the Cpoint on one connector

of component A then the axis of one tie clip, then the axis of the other tie clip and finally the Cpoint of a connector on component B.

Everything looks fine and purty at this point, just as I would expect. So I start to add another cable. In auto-route mode again I pick the Cpoint of a connector on

component A, then the axis of the first tie clip; then nothing....SW refuses to recognize further picks, the cable just stops at the tie clip. I can only add another

cable to the route if it does NOT go through the tie clips. Ok so I do that, then I pick "route through clip" and sometimes the cable goes through the clip correctly

and sometimes it enters from the wrong side and makes some radical bends.


You guys at SW think this is intuitive behaviour?

I could have more fun doing rubiks cube with mousetraps on my fingers. Am I not using the auto-route correctly?


Thanks for any tips