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add to route question

Question asked by perry leets on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by perry leets

Heres the scenario:

I have an assembly with two components in it. One component (component A)  has has a space (with mate refs) for a D-sub connector to fit.

The other component (component B) already has a D-sub connector on it (with a Cpoint). In order to create a route from one to the other, the connector

on component B must be "added to route" which has to be done in the context of editing the 3D sketch.

The problem is, in this context it can be very difficult to pick the Cpoint of the connector. SW highlights every vertice,face,point, dimension, etc near the Cpoint.

This can get real frustrating.

Is there any other method of adding an existing Cpoint to a route?


One other question regarding things "added to route". These connectors are obviously not part of the harness sub-assembly and consequently do not show up in the "components" folder of the harness assembly. When creating a drawing of the route, neither do these components show up in the harness drawing or its BOM. Is ther any way to get these components to show up in the harness drawing? Or, must they be placed into the harness assembly within its editing context as in "component A" above?


Something else I found with these "added to route" connectors is that when adding/editing wires you can not select any of the pins as starting/ending

points. Is that just the way it is?

Doesn't seem to be much use for "add to route".