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    Hiding a dimension in a sketch

    Eric Snyder

      I know that you can hide them in a drawing and you can hide annotations. How is it possible to hide dimensaions in a sketch. I have a really cluttered sketch and want to hide dims that are automatically generated by equations.

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          Deepak Gupta

          I don't think there is a way to do that. But you might create a base sketch and then use convert entities for further sketches.

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            Desiree Villeneuve

            There is no real way to hide a sketch dimension that I know of.  I'm not sure that I fully understand why you would want to do that.  How in the future would you go back and remember how you constructed the sketch if you had to make modifications.  Do you have multiple entites that are being driven by the same equation.  If that was the case, perhaps you could have one sketch dim use the equation and then with the use of relations, make other entites equidistance to the original.


            This was an answer because I had thought were talking of being in the drawing atmosphere and wanted to hide the dimension there:

            If you right click the dimension in a sketch there is a "hide" feature.  Try that.  As well, it sounded like you had use import annotation, and the resulting amount of dimension were way too many.  If you plan on using the import annotations, or have it selected when you insert the model view, you may want to start to manage that as you are creating the parts/assemblies.  When in sketch mode, and no features active (such as the dims tool), you can actually right mouse click the dimension and uncheck "mark for drawing".   This may help alleviate your issue.  The question sorta took my by suprise, cause many many people if they don't want the dimension they simply delete the dim if they don't want it.  I'm not sure that I understand why you want to hide it.  Perhaps you want to put dims like that on another layer, and when you need them to show that layer.  Just a few thoughts.

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                Eric Snyder

                Thanks Desiree....

                Possibly I wasn't clear. I am looking to hide a dimension in a sketch in a part. There is no hide feature on the right button menu when sketching in a part. I think what you describe is various options for hiding dimensions in drawings. The sketch is a base sketch that controls the locations of features inan assembly. It gets edited quite frequently and there are enough dimensions that never get changed that hiding them would make the sketch more user friendly.

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                Steven Grech

                you could hide all dimensions while editing a sketch of a part.

                by unticking the small box as shown in the image.

                however im not sure if hiding all dimensions is helpfull.

                i was searching for the same problem.for me it is helpful to remove all dimensions.. as adding lines that dont need dimensioning to the previously dimensioned points and lines was getting frustratingUntitled.png