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Componentname with "-"

Question asked by Bernd Knab on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by Mark Larson



we are using CW to import IDF files from PADS.


In PADS some of our Components are named with a "-" eg. ERNI-973063.


When I import the part ERNI-973063.SLDPRT in the Component Bibliothek CW create a new component with ERNI as Componentname and 973063 as Componentnumber.


When I now import the IDF file CW will not found the part and create a new one.


Why is this limitation in CW, that Componentnames are splitted or shortend if there are one or more "-" inside the Componentname?


How do you handle this limitation in CW? Do you always modify the the componentname afterwards by editing?