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"bouncing" weldment model

Question asked by Jos Diepstra on Sep 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Krzysztof Grzebieniowski



I'm experiencing a weird and annoying problem with a weldment part. Out of the blue my model started "bouncing" while zooming and rotating. Resulting in a flickering view. Selecting a sketch line is impossible this way, only faces can be selected. The sketches are displayed wrong as well. Check the attachement, the line used to connect to the dots...It used to be fine but somehow something has changed the part. I tried moving the rollback bar, changing the image quality and opening it on an other system but that didn't work out. The model is a bridge of 112.5m long and has radius of 145m.  I'm working with Solidworks 2010 sp4.0.


check the clip in the attachment (its a poor quality but imagine the model moving the way i discribed)


need some help here, any tips and/or tricks?