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Win 7 machine with an ATI FirePro V4800 card

Question asked by Wayne Tiffany on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2010 by 1-SALGJC

I have a new Win 7 64 bit machine with an ATI FirePro V4800 card with 8.723.0.0 driver (latest on the SW site) and I am seeing what I would call visual problems.


Notice the bottom of the screen - this happens when I am in a drawing, not a model.  Just to be sure, I went back and selected an Aero theme to make sure I didn't turn off something I shouldn't have.  (Hate the Aero look, though.)


Some of the time I have also seen issues related to dynamic highlight in that the system will not keep up with me.  I can select a face and then wait for it to highlight, or keep clicking around and it will eventually catch up with me.  This may be an issue that is mostly unrelated to the video, but is an issue with Win7 & SW2010.  I don't see this on our Vista or XP machines on the same model files.  This is something that is not an issue for a while and then later may become an issue.  I can work along for a while just fine, then maybe later it just slows down.  Or I saw it this morning when I came back in - slowsville.  Restarting SW does not solve this issue - I have to reboot the machine to get it back to  working properly.  I have compared running processes in the good mode and also the slow mode and I don't find any particular process that appears to be causing the issue.  I am not getting any heap or stack error messages - things just slow to a crawl.


Is anyone else seeing these things?