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    Adding the property - "Stock Size" to a sheet template

    Dean Baragar

      Wasn't sure where to put this thread but I am trying to modify our sheet templates (not sure who created them in the first place so I need some help).


      I am using the property tab builder to add in the five most used properties (Author, Date, Project, Description, Material and Stock Size).


      The stock size property is linked to a text box within the property tab builder.


      Now when I go to edit my sheet template (such as your letter size and legal size templates) and edit the sheet format to add values into the title block the properties are linked by typing in things such as $PRPSHEET:{Material} for material; so I figure I should be able to type $PRPSHEET:{Stock Size} in and all my problems are solved...


      Obviously this is not working for me....does anyone have any input? Anything I am doing wrong?