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Display issue or other?

Question asked by Steve Ritter on Sep 13, 2010

I am having issues so if anyone has some input, here it goes... I have a wiring diagram with several connection points all sketched out. It looks great when i'm in the assembly environment, everything lines up and its easier than drawing it in AutoCAD. Perfect right? Wrong. The problem is when I switch to the drawing environment, some of the wires will show up like they are supposed to and some won't. As the path approaches a vertex on the sketch or sometimes the CPoint, the edges will pull together and make the wire look almost cone shaped. I thought maybe it was just a display issue and my computer couldn't really handle solving the route but I saved a pdf of the dwg and it looked the same as it did on my monitor so I know there is something wrong with the way it is making the dwg. I've tried removing the sketch fillets on the route. I've tried redrawing the sketch. I even started over from scratch and ran autoRoute. I'm running out of ideas...


Any help would be appreciated.