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Piping Isometrics

Question asked by 1-TEGMG9 on Sep 11, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2010 by Alessandro Frattini

Hello there everyone.


I've been using SolidWorks for about 3 years or so, mainly for solid and assembly design. I just got a job on a petrochemical design piping company and we use there a program know as Bentley Power Plant.

I know a little bit the Routing module from SolidWorks, but i have a question. In the work i do everyday, the most important stuff are the "piping isometrics" drawings, that's what we do by using Bentley along with Autocad.


Now, is there any method or tool to generate "piping isometrics" by using SolidWorks and the Routing module? I hope so, because i support SW in a 100% basis.

I'll be waiting for answers.