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Adding parts & naming structural members

Question asked by Bill Hopcraft on Sep 11, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by Roy Potter

I'm new to weldments and have a few questions.  The weldment I am modeling consists of a frame of eight pieces of 1" square tubing and two pins.  One of the frame pieces has several holes drilled through it.  In the Feature tree, this piece was called Structural Member[7].  I created the holes with the Hole Wizard and the name then changed to 1/4 Diameter Hole.  Can I prevent the name from changing?


The pins are machined prior to being welded into the frame, so they are modeled by several extrudes.  Should I model these directly in the weldment part or in a separate part file?  If I do it in the weldment part, how can I get the pins to show as one cut list item, rather than a separate item for each of the extrudes?