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    Generation of drawing/part numbers

    Alan Fredricsen

      We currently generate our Solidworks and AutoCad drawing/part numbers and other drawing/part metadata in an Access database. The drawing numbers are semi-meaningful based on >50 functional part categories. Is it practical or desirable to continue to generate the drawing numbers in Access and link this through to EPDM if we were to go down that route?

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          Scott McFadden


          At my last job we looked at a couple of PDM softwares including Enterprise.

          I have experience with the workgroup version of PDM, but one of the things they

          said upon presenting the Enterprise to us is with us using an Oracle based system they said

          Enterprise could be setup to automatically pull our part numbers interacting with Oracle.


          So it can be done.  Check with your VAR to see if Enterprise works with Access.

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              Alan Fredricsen

              Thanks Scott


              Were you able to achieve the equivalent using Workgroup PDM? ie generate drawing metadata in Oracle and pass this to the Custom Properties in the Solidworks files. (and back?). We tried a utility called Toolworks for this for a while until lack of 64-bit support became too limiting.

              What made you move to EPDM if that is what you did? What was lacking in Workgroup?

              We are contemplating going straight to EPDM without the 'stepping stone' of Workgroup, but are hesitant because of the big investment and the prospect of a possibly unwieldy system. Any comments appreciated.





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                  Scott McFadden

                  No, workgroup is nothing more then a good, safe and secure way of revision controling

                  and storing your files whether it is just Solidworks or other type files.


                  EPDM does allow a better integration of like I said Oracle and possibly other type databases.

                  And it interacts with other CAD packages nicer then workgroup.

                  But, if you already have office professional then you already have PDM workgroup and that is

                  no additional cost if that is the case.  If you do then workgroup may not be a bad place for you

                  to start to get aquainted with vault softwares.