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Anyone using fit spline in a weldment sketch?

Question asked by David Oustifine on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Rachayl Duker

Hello All,


I am running SW 2010 sp3.1 on a 64bit windows 7 system today.  I am trying to make a weldment of a steel cage for some subsea equipment that requires some 1" round bar be bend at 60 deg to taper into another section of the cage.  Admittedly I don't work with weldments everyday but I used to do this in the past for sure in 2009 and earlier versions

1.  Draw two lines with an angle of 60 degrees

2.  Add a sketch fillet of any value between the lines

3.  Then select all three segments and create a fit spline

4.  Use the fit spline as a path for the weldment structural member.


When I try this in 2010 it won't even select the fit spline.  If I remove the fit spline I then need to select all three segments individually and it gives me three seperate solid bodies; obviously not what I need.


Has anyone else run into this?