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Installation Error

Question asked by Martin Retzolk on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2010 by Martin Retzolk

Hi folks,


I have an issue that is really puzzling me.  I have a customer that had a copy of Solidworks on their computer, but recently had a system crash which has resulted in a complete re-format in stall of the Windows XP operating system as well as re-install of software which is what brings me into the picture here.


Basically I am a CAD consultant, specializing in AutoCAD, however I have been asked to assist with the overall setup and configuration, in this case.  My question is this.  When I try to re-install the Solidworks Professional 2010 program, it only gets so far and produces a component registry error of which I have no idea of how to address.  This has me puzzled (and frustrated) as the software was previously installed on functioning fine until the system failure.


The installation appears to be working fine when suddnely the following error appears:


Error 2908.  Could not register component {DE4B2027-0EC0-489F-9699-BCA7948EEB6B).


It then shows an ABORT,   RETRY,   IGNORE option, which, of course I click RETRY, however this is not resolving the issue and I click IGNORE, which then stalls for a few seconds and then continues a bit more.  Then I receive the following:


Error 1935.  An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {DE4B2027-0EC0-489F-9699-BCA7948EEB6B}.  HRESULT: 0x8002802F.


I click OK and then the setup rolls back and stops.  Not being a Solidworks user by trade, I have no idea as to how to address this or what may be causing the issue.  Would someone here be able to enlighten me as to what to do or check for?  I am stumped at this point and it is the only software left to re-install for my client, which of course is the one they need.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, in advnace, for any advice that can be shared.