Alex Rich

SW2010 sim express - Workaround for lack of control over deformation scaling

Discussion created by Alex Rich on Sep 8, 2010

this is a really annoying issue many have posted about - lack of control over deformation scaling in simulation express.  i just stumbled upon a workaround to get a visual of the 1:1 deformation scale or anywhere in between.


my workaround is to create an animation made up of the same # of frames as the deformation scale.  for example if the deofrmation scale is 65:1, I create a 65 frame animation of the displacement.  save animation to AVI file so that you can pause on an exact frame.  For 1:1 scale I pause on the first frame of animation.  For 2:1 I pause on the second frame.  So on and so forth.  Take screen captures of whatever point you want and you can get a less extreme representation of deformation.


I'm sure this is just going to give a rough estimate of what the deformation will look like, but better than the ridiculously exaggerated deformation scaling you get by default in SW 2010 simulation express.