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DRW of a route with breaks in view = CRASH

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Sep 8, 2010



Am I truly the only one that ever tried it ?

Am I truly the only one that experiences it?


Please try this :

  1. - make a route, as simple as can be, e.g. : a flange with a bit of pipe on it
  2. - make a drawing of that route
  3. - create a BOM of that route (from any view, with or without breaks)
  4. - edit the BOM (for instance : right click on a row or column so as to be able to hide it)
  5. - create a break in one of the views
  6. - edit the BOM again
  7. Does it crash or doesn't it ? Because for me it crashes each and every time.


To completely prove that it wasn't anything library wise or so I made a copy of the same DRW, removed all breaks and lo' and behold I could edit the BOM with impunity, and 1 break and I was back in Crashville : population me.


If one isn't supposed to use breaks in combination with a BOM then why can one do it? Haven't the programmers learned about full proof and fool proof programming?

If one is suppposed to be able to do it then why can't I?

If one isn't supposed to make drawings of industrial routing with routes that can be a couple of dozen meters then one shouldn't say that we can.

If one is supposed to be able to do it then how are we supposed to make drawings of it if we aren't allowed to use breaks? And please, don't say that we have to slice up the routing so as to fit a drawing without the use of breaks because that is just plain idiotic. What's next? Making sheet metal drawings that only permit a piece of metal 2"x 5" or how about a molding that only can have a max of 5 features on a DRW.


</end of rant>