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    Notes Merging

    Ben Hlavaty

      Is there a way to turn off the option for notes (that are close to each other) to merge?


      It is extremely annoying.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I agree it is annoying.  You can't turn if off but you can hold down the Shift key while you are moving one of them to keep them from combining.  Of course, then you don't get a preview of where you're dropping it.  There have been several discussions about that feature here and I don't remember anyone saying they liked it.

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            Brian Cayer

            I dislike the combining of notes also.


            It really irks me when I need to move a note a little while editing a sheet format and they decide to mate right there in front of my eyes. Shameful!


            It would be better if you had to hold down shift to mate them.



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              Tom Spine

              Now that SolidWorks 2011 SP3 is available for download, I thought I would spend a moment to let you all know what we have done regarding the notes merging problem.


              I know that many of you wanted SolidWorks to simply reverse the behavior. That is, the obvious design solution to the problem was to never have notes merge when you are just plain dragging them around, and to have notes merge if you hold down the Shift key. Me too. That's exactly the solution I wanted. The unfortunate truth to the matter, however, is that sometimes there are unforseen implementation difficulties in doing exactly what we want to do, and it turned out the the implementation of that particular solution wasn't nearly as easy as saying "make it so."


              So in SP3, you will notice two changes. The first is that we have introduced a new system option, "Disable note merging when dragging":

              new system option - disable note merging when dragging.jpg


              Enabling this option will, as it says, disable the merging of notes when one is dragged onto another. Period!


              All fine and good, but what about when you actually do want to merge notes? When you select two notes (or a note and a dimension), there is now a RMB menu item called "Merge Annotations" that will merge the two:

              new rmb menu item - merge annotations.jpg

              One thing to note is that the first item selected will be merged into the second. So if you pick Note #1 first, then Note #2, when you Merge Annotations then Note #1 will move and be merged into #2. For merging a note and a dimension, select the note first, then the dimension if you are selecting one at a time (RMB click on the note, then Shift+RMB click or Ctrl+RMB click on the dimension). Or you can just box select.