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transfer of electrical components

Question asked by Emir Heco on Sep 8, 2010

Hello All,


We are about to migrate all of our data from our current system into the EPDM.  It appears that it will be a smooth transition for most SolidWorks files. For our electrical board layout tool, we use a software called Eagle. In this software we have a list of all electrical components, sort of like a tool box. We populate our boards from this tool box and each electrical component gets assigned a reference designator (R1, C2 and so on). We have a feature that generates an automatic BOM for the board. In this BOM we have fields for reference designator, vendors and other vendor information. What it comes down to is that one resistor can have a thousand diff reference designators and in fact same designators depending on which board the resistor is used on. Is there any way to capture this information in EPDM. A more general question is how do people deal with their electrical component files in EPDM.


Thanks in advance for your help.