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Need Help with Beam and Sheet Metal Bonding

Question asked by Scott Pratt on Sep 7, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by Dougal Hiscock

Hello All,

I have been trying to do an analysis on an assembly that consists of round tubes and sheet metal sides. I keep having issues and cannot get it to run. Here is a picture of the assembly:


Truss (09-07-10)3.jpg

I have been treating the horizontal round tubes as beams and tried initially to treat the sheet metal sides as surfaces but had an issue with trying to connect the tubes to the sides. I intend to weld these pieces in the real assembly, so I added welding constraints between the pieces. However, when I ran the analysis, the parts just flew apart, since they were not properly bonded. Is there something special I need to do when creating a edge weld connection in Simulation using beams and surfaces?


I then tried to treat the sheet metal pieces as solids and used bonded connections between them and the round tubes (beams). When I ran the analysis, I would get an error message that read "error in beam to surface bond".


Can someone give me advice about how to bond and analyze an assembly made out of beams and sheet metal? Thanks.




Truss (09-07-10)2.jpgTruss (09-07-10).jpg