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    Sweep won't work

    John Deer



      Newb here,


      I can't seem to get the sweep to work in the attached file.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Matt Lombard

          Maybe you could identify what you're trying to do. I know you said "sweep', but there isn't anything set up to make a sweep. Plus, SolidWorks cares if you make a sloppy sketch. It really wants you to be precise with stuff. Minor things like tangency, curvature, self intersections during sweep, it all makes a difference to SolidWorks.


          Can you identify what you are trying to use as a path and sections?


          Also, it might turn out that a sweep is not really what you need. The outside shape looks to me like an extrude with a fillet, and then some kind of feature on the back. It could be just a boss, a fillet and a cut. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

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            John Lhuillier

            If you are trying to sweep profile of sketch13 using sketch12 as the path, it won't let you. The radii in sketch13 are larger than the ellipse & would create a self intersecting feature. If you eliminate the 2 ellipses you can create a sweep.