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    Can i install EPDM on VM-Ware ?

    Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

      Is it possible to install Database Server and Archive Server on VM-Ware Server ?


      Will it support Virtual Machine's and is it recommended ? what are the pro's and con's ?




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          Kim Nguyen

          According to Knowledge base:


          For Enterprise PDM 2009 and later:
          This has been tested and verified to work with VMWare 3.0 and MS Virtual PC 2005 R2.  Both the SQL server and archive servers will run on virtual machines that are running in a supported Windows environment.  Please reference the virtual server support PDF file available on the VAR portal for additional information regarding virtual servers and support limitations.

          For Enterprise PDM 2008 and earlier.
          This is not a recommended setup. VMWare® should be used for testing purposes only.

          If testing, it is necessary to add the VMWare® machine onto the domain and open the correct FireWall ports (1433 and 3030).



          Pros:  - Save $, easy to extend server's capacity

          Cons: - I'm not so sure actually.