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Engraved sheet metal to bend into a curve

Question asked by David Vernon on Sep 6, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2010 by David Vernon

We need to design a curved 3mm thick stainless steel band with engraved lettering and holes.

Onto the back of this there will be fired-on studs.

The sheet metal will not be curved by the manufacturer but curved by hand on the job.

For this reason the metalworker needs a drawing of the band as a flat plate.

For the model though it needs to be curved to a single subtle continuous radius.

I am considering drawing the item curved then flattening it for the metalwork drawing if this is possible but am open to suggestions.

Drawing the item flat and then curving it might be easier if possible.

The overall length is not important as it is cut to length individually to fit the job.