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Stainless Steel sq. tube weldment profiles?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Sep 4, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2010 by Christopher Thompson

I am looking to build a frame structure using 304/ 316 S.S. square tube (Structural Grade ASTM A554 or equivalent) using weldments (SW Premium 2009), and my application is similar to these two previous posting: Moving a weldment part for detailing and Help on Creating custom Weldment Profiles. Where can I find weldment profiles for S.S. square tubing ranging in sizes from 1.0" to 2.0" of common gauge thicknesses? I did not see these profiles in the SolidWorks Content --> Weldments --> ANSI Inch.


Next, some of the frame members exceed the maximum stock length of 24" long (examples: Ryerson, Bushwich Metals, CONTINENTAL STEEL & TUBE COMPANY, etc.) and may be as long as 48 inches, so how do you address that situation in weldments where a frame member exceeds the standard stock length? I am thinking that the two frame members need to be welded together to produce the desired frame member length. I would be interested in your recommendations.


Concerning the cost, which method is generally more cost effective:


  1. S.S. square tubing (weldments) with post / secondary machining of holes
  2. Designing custom frame members (sheet metal) with all the holes & cut-out with flat pattern.


Can individual weldments be turned into a sheetmetal part where a flat pattern can be generated? I should add that some of the tubing will follow a curved arc path, and cross-members, and gussets will be needed. The frame will also have S.S. panels attached to it to form an enclosure.


I also looked at standard racks, such as Hammond Manufacturing, but that would require considerable modification for my specific application, and I do not think it would be a cost savings.