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    Linking to existing  database

    Alan Fredricsen



      I see from the documentation that EPDM only allows single-column card lists when looking up data from other databases - this seems rather crude and non-user friendly. Is it actually a problem in practice?

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Alan,


          It is usually not a problem as most times you are using the query to fill out the contents of a card variable.

          However, if you had a two databases columns and you would like to take the contents of both to fill out a single data card variable you might use concatentaion in the query.


          For example: let's say you has two columns FirstName and LastName and you wante to fill put a card variable ContactName

          SELECT FirstName + ' ' + LastName FROM tablename


          If however, you had a data card that had two card variables (FirstName and LastName) and you wanted a query to get the FirstName and the related last name, you would need to write an add-in (see sample below).epdmaddin.png