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ToolBox Part Number

Question asked by Jim Donnellon on Sep 5, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2010 by Jim Donnellon

My company does not use the SW part number for their BOM.(dont ask Y, I don't know)


In toolbox i have filled out the property "Part Number" and "Description"  thru excell and imported it back in.  I can see the "Part Number" gets filled into the ("Part number displayed when used in a bill of materials" "User Specified" under configuration properties.


Because we use a custom property for our part number, these toolbox part numbers come in blank on our BOM. I don't want to change any files we have, because that would be 10's of thousands.  I don't want to change our current BOM. Our entire file system, purchasing, ect. uses the custom property to pull info from.


So what i want to do is, have our custom property for "part number" and "description", point to the toolbox "part number" and "description".  Something like ("CM_Number"=SW_Part Number")  But, i don't know what the property name for toolbox "part number" and "description" is.  Does anyone know what properties these are?.



I'm sure the BOM has to pull it somehow with a property/varible, right?  So under the toolbox part, under configuration properties, bill of materials options, part number displayed when used in a bill of material,  How do i extract that info into our custom property?


And I don't even know where the toolbox description's go!


This is on SW2009!


One more thing.  We don't want any user input when inserting toolbox componets, other then size and length.  I have tried working with adding custom properties in toolbox, and they are too limited.  If this was SW2010, i could accomplish this task much easier.  But are company just upgraded from SW2006 to SW2009, a couple months ago, so I dont see us upgrading again anytime soon.



Thanks for any help.  This is driving me crazy!!!