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    Drawing Sheet Format

    Welland Encorporado

      Hey guys. I'm currently learning how to use Solidworks and am using the book "Introduction to Solidworks 2010" by William E. Howard and Joseph C. Musto. I am trying to do part 2.2 of the book titled "Creating a Drawing Sheet Format" where I need to open a new drawing, select the appropriate paper size and uncheck the "Display Sheet Format".


      I was asked to edit the sheet format and create a corner rectangle that fills almost the entire page. However, when I create the rectangle, I do not see the rectangle at all. The points of the rectangle are visible but the line is not.


      I have been trying to figure this out for hours, trying to change the line color and etc. but have not been successful. So I am stuck in this part. When I draw the rectangle, its not visible. I tried drawing lines as well and everything is not visible. I selected the line color as black because the background I have using the colors in the System Options, I have it selected to "Drawings, Paper Color" and white is the color of the paper.


      Any ideas what's wrong?: