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    Queries on Meshing!

      I'am doing a static analysis on a Solid part, by applying 3 Forces and 3 moments at one end(at the origin) while fixing at the other end of the solid part is fixedmodel. With the default global size of the mesh, the stress values were found to be less.

      So i decreased the global size (in meshing parameters) and the stress values increased. Upon futher decreasing the global size the stress values futher incresed.

      I could not figure out how to have optimum size for mesh parameters.

      Can anybody expalin the procedure for having an optimum size for meshing for soild model analysis.

      ( I used mesh control at certain regions(like fillets etc) but still the stress numbers varied a lot for different gobal mesh sizes)

      I'am quite new to simulation!




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          Chad Schmidt

          This sounds like a stress singularity.  You might try using "h-adaptive" solving and see if your adaptive "convergence graph" is actually converging (target accuracy is improving on each loop).  If the adaptive graph appears linear then you almost certainly have a stress singularity.