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Loft w/ centerline : I want the previewed shape, but I don't get it... ?

Question asked by 1-L0QN5G on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2010 by Matthew Perez

Hi there,


I'm trying to create a surface using two end profiles, one is an ellipse and the other is a rectangle w/ rounded corner. I'm using a center line to join the end profiles, its profile looking basically like a 90 deg elbow (see 1st image). I take care in selecting the end profiles and centerline in right order. When I look at the preview, the shape is perfect (see 2nd image). Yet, when I hit the OK button, I don't get what I was shown in the preview : it's looking way to slim (see 3rd image). What's going on ? I can't adujst any parameters correctly if I can't get to see what the loft will actually look like... Did this ever happened to someone else ? How can I get the previewed result, and not the result itself ?