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Toolbox Part Numbers

Question asked by 1-9S4U3Z on Sep 3, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by Jody Stiles

Having some problems with toolbox part numbers. Wanted to know if anyone else may be having the same problems.


There are 6 of us sharing a toolbox. We are using Solidworks 2010. We have "create configurations" selected in our configurator and create part numbers as we go.

Typical part number is (1/2-13 x 1 1/2" LG. HHCS). We do not (or suppose to not) use configuration specific descriptions. We use the default custom properties description (ie, Hex Head Cap Screw). We have been using the same toolbox since 2006, updated of coarse, with no problems. I usually try to cleanup the toolbox part numbers every so often for consistancy because some of us enter numbers different then others. But, starting with 2010 we have had the following problems:


Problem 1: If you select a part number from the favorites pull down list that contained inch marks (") the properties does not update.

Problem 2: We could not update or delete part numbers from the favorites list if they contained inch marks (").

Problem 3: If we wanted to change the fastener length or size using the "Edit Definition" by right clicking the fastener, the fastener would turn black.

Problem 4: If you try to update a part number from the favotites list that contains a forward slash (/) the part number will update in the configurator, but will not update the part configuration, therefore the BOM's either.


SP4.0 seems to have corrected problems 1 through 3 above, but we are still having problems with 4. This causes me to cleanup the configurator and the actual parts independantly. I read lots of interesting information regarding importing and exporting, but, we probably only use a few hundred configuration (maybe several hundred) of various type fasteners and really don't need all the configurations the configurator can configurate automatically for us, even after filtering out various standard properties.


Any suggestion, recommedation, or input would be vary much appriciated. Again the (/) is our main current problem.



Darren Turner