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BOM Exclusions on multiple levels

Question asked by Peter Fortin on Sep 2, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by Peter Fortin

Okay... so I have 2 layers of BOM in some of our fans.


I have the top level, and lower level sub-assemblies.


When I make a drawing for the top level, I only want to show the sub assembly as one part - so I go to the sub assembly and tag all the parts as "exclude from BOM". Awesome.


But now when I want to make a drawing of the sub assembly, I have to uncheck "exclude from BOM". But then that screws with the drawing I'd made for the top level.


What I ended up doing is making a configuration specifically for excluding the BOM... but I don't like doing this because if I make a change, it has to be made in 2 (or sometimes 4) configurations - and that makes it easy to miss things.


So I guess my question is - Is there an easier way to exclude from BOM on some assemblies / sub assemblies, but not others? What I did worked, but seems inelegant / crude.