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Properties from Custom Profiles

Question asked by Robert James on Sep 2, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by Roy Potter

Hello all,


Ok so I would like to make some custom properties in my weldment profiles that we have.  What I am trying to do is connect the custom property from the library weldment profile to the part file, so that it shows up each time we create a new weldment profile.  Here is an example for what we are trying to do, we have defined two diferent types of manufactures from where we get our material and we would like this to show up in our cut lists.  So say I create a custom property in weldment profile A to show the manufacturer is "A" and have that show up like "Description".

     I have looked over the help in solidworks and even in the forums and have not found how to link the property from the design library part to the new weldment part.


Thank you all for your help.