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Bend tables not accurate

Question asked by Tom Durrance on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2010 by Tom Durrance

Hi All


I know this may have been covered before, but I never seem to get the answer I need. So here goes.

When we mae sheet metal parts in practice, we would just take off the material thickness eg

If I have a sheet metal part 3mm thick and 100mm long and put the bend line in the centre when this is folded I will finish up with an angle 53 mm outside and 50 mm inside. This is simple and the way we work in the shop, and has always worked well on 1.5,2 and 3mm sheets, I know thicker material varies.

With Solidworks however I set this up I cannot get this calaculation programmed, with the K factor and bend radius I will always end up with a bit over or a bit under.

Is it not possible to do this?

I have no other bend tables apart from the sample ones with the package, If anyone has any thing they could send me to try I would appreciate it (preferably in metric).