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Save assembly as template

Question asked by Poul Berthelsen on Sep 2, 2010

I'm looking for a way to save some assemblies as assembly templates.


But I always get the warning "A document which references other documents may not be saved as a template"


Can anyone give me just ONE, but really good, reason for this annoying program limitation. Because I don't care - and in the below examples is it even a need that the assembly has references to other documents.


Example 1:


I have a collection of 6-axis and 4-axis robot assemblies that all are saved in a read-only area of our shared Design Library.


The user has to make their own copy of the chosen robot assembly, only to avoid the robot to load in initial position every time the assembly where the robot is used is opened. And this save as step is often missed.


For this reason would it be usefull if the robot assemblies was available as assembly templates (New SolidWorks Document), because the user always will have to save the robot assembly with a user-defined filename.


Example 2:

I have some assemblies which is configurable in this way:

1. Change configuration for some components. (components are read only)

2. Hide or delete some other components.  (components are read only)

3. Add some other custom defined/designed components


Again, the user has to make a copy of the assembly (save as) - but why not make the assembly available as a template?


I have written an enhancement request for this - and I hope others will do the same.