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Has anyone had luck doing motion using sketches?

Question asked by K. lefton on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by Jeremiah Feist

Motion studies using sketches in a layout assembly;  I've been mucking with this all day and I'm ready to conclude that SW has not really invested the time to make sketches particularly usable for motion studies. Maybe that's why I seem to only see assembly-with-parts style motion studies (instead of Layout-Assembly-with-sketch-blocks). I'd like to do quick studies with blocks in 2D before investing the time to make parts, even simple parts.


For example, to rotate a block, you have to edit the sketch and do Tools/Sketch Tools/Rotate Entities.  I was expecting to see rotate handles to do it graphically. Also, Im finding that I can animate simple blocks (basically shows dragging to different keypoints), but more complicated blocks (one is nested, maybe it's getting confused on that) don't seem to work... I can see the "dragged" locations when I manually move the time line, but play doesn't make anything move.