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    Linear Pattern Failure

      Try a "Curve Driven Pattern" instead....then you can run it around a curved edge.

      SolidWorks 2006 SP4.0 on WinXp SP2
      UG NX on Win2000 SP3
        • Linear Pattern Failure
          After an admitted Surfaces Newbie,seemingly goes through the correct motions in an effort to array a swept cut line on a curved surface, using the linear pattern tool, I get these two unwelcome error messages, The sketched line that is on a diagonal has multiple errors, I feel, in that the patterned proposed cuts do not reach the end of the model. I realize that this is another problem , caused by the configuratiion of the model itself. If someone would cast a light on these error messages I would be grateful. I have also learned that in order to choose a proper direction for the linear pattern to travel, the line or edge selected cannot be a 3-D curved line, rather a straight 2-D line. Am I correct in arriving at this conclusion?
          Thanking you in advance,