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Equivalent selection of Porous media for Flow through mesh and perf.

Question asked by Phani Kottapalli on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2010 by David Paulson
  • I am trying to find equivalent resistance for Perf and mesh used in the Strainer. Creating a complete model is create huge memory and time consuming and problem for big size strainers
  • Solid works flow simulation has a Porous Media option, but I don’t  know how to choose equivalent porous media option for my application.
  • Please advise if there is any alternate equivalent flow resistance option in solid works flow for my application.
  • Porous media application in Solid works
    • How to define which type of porous media to be selected for Equivalent of perf and mesh geometry
    • While specifying the direction to porous media, which to be considered Porous geometry opening direction or fluid reference flow direction.
  • see attached picture of screens with only perf , but for fine filtration it will be covered with second layer of mesh matetrial. these screens are encloused in strainer body.
  • Perf details, hole opening-0.125 in , center distance between holes is 0.1875 in , open area percentage of Perd is 40%
  • Mesh opening is 0.0055 in, Open area percentage is 36%


please advise any solution  to my application, if needed any  more information please let me know.