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Uniaxial Tension data verification for Plastics

Question asked by Abhay Naik on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2010 by Satit Nilyai



I have uniaxial test data for Polyurethane. I would like to input this test data into Solidworks, select a Mooney Rivlin 2 term curve fit and generate the test results. Finally compare these results with the initial test data.


So far I could do all the steps except the final step. i.e. the Verification step. My model is predicting higher stresses than the stresses in the tension data. I am comparing the Von Mises Stresses versus the actual longitudinal stresses recorded in the test data.


Please see the attached image for more details on loading condition and stress, displacement data. By the way, I am using displacement constrain and pulling the dog bone sample in two different direction using time v/s extension curve.


From Tension test Data:


at 0.2 sec, stress = 25.74MPa, displacement = 1.50122mm(total)


From Simulation Results:


at 0.2 sec, stress = 35.3MPa, dispalcement = 1.5012mm(total)