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Get latest rev does not also yield latest version?

Question asked by Andrew Billiard on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by Brian Dalton

I have my users set to see latest rev. (lets say Rev G), my revisions are based solely on Cad geometry changes. If i add a spec document to this assembly, now my version becomes, lets say 30. So, set to get latest Rev. I only see Rev G, ver. 29. Version 30 with my attached spec document actually appears above rev G and there fore i do not have access to this latest version 30. I can set my users to latest version, but now they can also see all the previous versions and revisions (this is just asking for someone to mistankenly grab Rev G ver 29, not 30 if they are told to jst grab latest Rev.


I need a system to have my users automatically see latest rev and version, even if that version increment occured above the rev but didnt result in a revision change. I know i could just change my rev letter when that reference doc (spec) was attached, but id rather have my revisions only occur when geomentry changes occur.


Is their anyway to limit my users to default see latest rev, and version even if the version appears above that revision in the version flow??


Thank you, i know this can be confusing.