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Ultraportable for SolidWorks Use?

Question asked by Greg Koenig on Aug 30, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2010 by Randy Lynn

Most of the time, I run SW on a ThinkPad W500 and it works perfectly for my needs. Totally down with spend hours with my head down, crunching on ideas with this setup.


When I go out to shops though, I would love an ultraportable system I can throw in my bag just to show designs off to people or make a couple of tweaks to a design and fire off a drawing right on site.


I work with very small assemblies and relatively simple parts; I'm not engineering a new aircraft here.


What ultraportable might be able to get the job done for me? I am thinking a ThinkPad X300/X301 would do it, but I don't know.


Anyone have any experiences here?