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Design Table font / character height (on drawing)

Question asked by Brad Whitten on Aug 30, 2010
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Is there any way to change the font on the design table that is placed on the drawing?  And how could I control the height of the characters on this design table?  It seems as though i can only edit it like a picture, dragging the corner to the desired height, but I don't ever know the actual size.  I could place a line next to it at a certain height, ten get it close but that seems... wrong.


Also, my company uses gefont06, which came on our previous cad system.  if anyone knows how to install that on SW or if there is one that is close, please let me know!  our main concern i believe is the 6's and 9's, most fonts those numbers curl around (slose to an 8), where as gefont06 is 'straight'.