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    Remote Solver Trouble

    Adam Vaccaro

      I'm having trouble using the remote solver option in Flow Simulation 2010 on Windows 7 x64.  I'm on SP4.0.  When I try to add a computer from my office's internal network, the error message comes back and says "Cannot find Solver of the same version on this computer".  I've checked to make sure the TCP port listed on both computers are the same and have created rules in the Windows Firewall settings that open that port. Does anyone have any idea why I can't get this to work?  I'm not trying to go outside the office networks, so our server firewall shouldn't be involved.

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          Rich Bayless



          I tried the remote solver option recently and got the same error message.


          In my case, one PC had SW 2010 SP4 under 32 bit Windows XP SP3, and the other PC had SW 2010 SP3.1 under 64 bit Windows 7, so I wasn't too surprised at the error message.


          Did you have exactly the same version of Windows and SW on both PCs?


          (As always, please include the exact version of SW and Windows in every posted question.)



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            Rich Bayless

            Hello to the Forum,


            Has anyone out there been able to use the Remote Solver feature with SW 2010/Flow Sim?


            If so, what version of SW and Windows?


            Thanks,  Rich.

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              Stuart Boland

              I have had success using Remote Solver in SolidWorks and Flow Simulation 2011 SP2.0.  Both systems are Windows 7 64bit.  I, however, could not get remote solver to work with one system as XP 32bit and the other as 7 64bit.  Both systems also have static IP addresses (may not be necessary).


              Here's what I did to get it to work (It's likely that some of the steps are not necessary).


              You want to ensure that the two computers can communicate so try disabling the firewalls of both computers and ping each computer's IP address form the other. If you get successful replies then the computers can communicate and you can re-enable your firewall.


              On both machines:

                   Set the service "Remote Solver for Flow Simulation 2011" to automatic start, and start it if it is not already.  You will want to stop this service before applying an update.

                   Add a firewall exception for "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\binCFW\StandAloneSlv.exe"


              Try to add your remote computer in the remote solver now by using the solver computer's hostname or IP address. Solidworks do not have to be running on the remote computer, just the Remote Solver service.


              If it still doesn't work, try disabling both firewalls and try again.


              Also, when using remote solver, I have found that I must run the mesh by itself first and then run solve on the remote computer or it will not complete.