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Dimxpert breaks combined features when geotol is edited.

Question asked by Joe Reighley on Aug 30, 2010

Dimxpert, dimensioning a simple hole pattern.  Using the Auto Dimensioning tool, the example shows the 4x .166 holes dimensionally combined correctly at 4 times position of .014.  The vertical pattern 4 places needs to be position .020 not .014. What is the proper way to edit the position? Choosing the feature control frame activates the edit screen.  Make the change and only one of the 4 .166 features is edited. The other 3 remain .014 and the combined features are now broken. Edit to change the separated features to match and they do not recombine. Messy edit… Part 1 test. sldprt is prior to the edit.


2009 sp5.1