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Problem editing edge flange profile

Question asked by 1-DK8URE on Aug 30, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2010 by 1-DK8URE

I have recently had an issue when it comes to editing edge flange profiles.  The problem started while I was using SW 2009 and has continued into my use of SW 2010 on the same machine.  Here's the issue:


Once I select the "Edit Flange Profile" button and proceed to edit the flange, I can no longer exit the command.  The icon at the top right of the screen goes away as soon as I edit the sketch and the only way I can get out is to force SW to close with the Task Manager.  Sometimes I can back out by hitting the Undo button enough times, but I can't get the sketch profile I want.  The only way I can currently achieve my desired end goal is to perform an extruded cut after making the edge flange.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any suggestions?

Pictures are order of sequence:


First is the original edge flange command;  Second is after clicking the Edit Flange Profile;  Third is after edge flange has been edited;  Fourth is the available commands under File.