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    Propety Tab Builder List Changes to Text

    Jim Donnellon

      Our standard purchased part templete has a drop down list "yes" or "no" for downloaded part.  i made a property tab builder for purchased part with a list for downloaded part.  "yes" or "no".  when i use it, it seems fine if i fill it out thru the property tab builder.  i go to the file/properties pull down menu and it shows up.


      if i use the property tab builder, then fill it out thru the file\properties pull down menu.  it seems to take untill i get out of properties and go back in, the field i just filled out is blank???


      under both situation the property that should be a list type, is a text type. so under file/properties pull down menu, there is no longer a drop down list, like the property tab builder.


      Can someone direct me to what i'm doing wrong?



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          Scott McFadden


          I think I understand what you are trying to say.


          There are some differences between the tab builder and the file properties.

          While they are both vessles to get values connected with properties the

          files properties drop downs are not customizable.  They have default driven

          sub-values that are meant only to change the type of custom property.


          The tab builder allows you to create your own drop down values.

          when I use them I use the tab builder to always fill in my values.  The only

          time I resort back to the file properties is when I have configurations.  It is

          easier at that point to fill in the properties of the individual configs.


          I hope this makes some sense.