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Starting a route with sizes other than base configuration size

Question asked by Mohamad Farhan Jasni on Aug 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2010 by Mohamad Farhan Jasni

Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem I'm having (Refer to attached doc, pages 1-5). I'm really new to SolidWorks pipe routing so please bear with me


I'm trying to start a route using Cpoints.I've selected a 10" elbow that I've modeled (configuration sizes 2" to 36" available) but then the base configuration of 2" appears. Under the property manager, size 2" will be automatically selected as base configuration for both the elbow and pipe. After I've accepted the default settings and clicked on rebuild, only the elbow changes to 10" while the pipe remains as 2".


However,if the assembly file was,closed & reopened again, after being saved initially, a window appears to prompt rebuilding of the assembly. Both the pipe and elbow then appear as the chosen configuration size of 10", which I want (See pages 6  & 7 of attached doc).


Is there anyway around this or is it supposed to be done this way?Or am I missing a parameter in my design tables?


I've followed the pipe routing tutorials as well as the help file to the letter but it still doesn't work as efficiently as I'd hoped it would. It's been pretty much trial and error so far.


Any help or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.