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Exporting pipe data to PCF for I-run Isogen

Question asked by Trent Westbrook on Aug 28, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2010 by Trent Westbrook

Greetings everyone,


I have started developing a piping library for my company, and I have a few questions about the export piping data function that I thought someone might have some answers to, or at least enable me to ask the correct questions.  We are working on a very large project, with very limited time, limited number of employees all with limited knowledge of SolidWorks - so things are looking fairly grim.  If I can start generating ISOs that a Fab Shop could use, things would seem a little less dark.


I have started with Merry Owen's 2008 routing library (which worked well since we are a French company and use the Metric named ANSI standards).  We have a few seats of Intergraph's I-Run, which is really a great program for generating piping Isometrics - but only if you feed it good information. Getting Solidworks to spit out good information is where I am stumbling.   I'll start with a few of my more basic questions (Our VAR has been at a loss with this)


1> Should the IsogenSkey property be a custom property or a configuration specific property?


2>If I have my Lap Joint-Stub End as an assembly of two separate parts, built as a routed assembly (with AR and AC points), will the export function delve into a subassembly for isogen data?  The same for valve assemblies, (flange, gasket, valve, gasket, flange), if the flanges on the valve assembly are LJSE, then the actual lap flange is in a sub-sub assembly.


3>Speaking of gaskets,  are they supposed to have an IsogenSkey?  If not, how do you include this in the bill of material?


4>What controls the Fabrication/Construction/Offshore variable in the pfc file?  I have found that some of my routed parts export a 'fabrication' property in the pcf file, but I cannot figure out where it is coming from.


If anyone has an example of a part correctly configured to talk to I-run, or any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate any input.