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Moving text in new sheet format size

Question asked by Chris Freeman on Aug 27, 2010
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I am creating my companies SolidWorks standards. I have created an A-size sheet format and am now working on the B-size sheet format.

How I was going to do it:

  • Rename my A-size sheet format (.slddrt)
  • Change to B paper size
  • Move the title block to the lower right corner, and rev block to upper right corner by scaling the border. The title block is constrained to the lower right corner while the rev block is constrained to the upper right.
  • Save

The problem I am having is I have the lower left corner of the border fixed at (10,10) with the origin in the lower left corner. To move the title block, I delete the border dimensions, and redimension them thus making my border, along with my rev block move to their new respective corners. BUT, since I can't constrain text, I have to move the text over one piece at a time.


Is there a way to move the origin of the sheet format to the lower right hand corner so I only have to move the text from the rev block, which I wouldn't mind doing because its only 5 text boxes as opposed to the title blocks many more text boxes.


Thank you


SW 2003