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    Mark up Drawings & User Defined References

    Tom Kruschinsky

      We are currently using PDM Enterprise for data management. As we are starting to push models/drawings thru our workflows the question has come up, How to handle mark ups? The old way of course was to print out a hard copy, redline them, and give them back to the designer for changes. I would like to do the same thing within Solidworks. When I receive a notification that drawings need checked, I can open them (.slddrw) in E-Drawings, redline it and save it. I can then attach it to the drawing as a user defined reference. However, when I open the drawing (.slddrw) in Solidworks the attached file does not show up in the EPDM directory tree. It just shows the .slddrw and the .sldprt. When I send notification back to the designers that changes are required I want them to be able to open the .slddrw and be able to access the mark up from there. Has anyone tried this or something similar?

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          Shawn Kelly

          Hey Tom hope all is well...


          I believe your not going to find anything out of the box thats going to allow you to be able to see the drawing in SolidWorks-EPDM Task Pane and see any of the user defined references.


          A couple thoughts that come to mind.


          1. Consider the idea of creating the redline eDrawing and attaching it to the drawing in the design binder.  You can link to a file so maybe go with the eDrawing in the vault and attach to the design binder and link it there.  At least your users can open the SW drawing and see the required redlines.  However, this would require that you check out the drawing file before you send it back to do so which I assume you are already doing if you are adding a reference unless you are adding a reference of the drawing to the eDrawing.  If the eDrawing doesn't have to be in the vault you could go without linking and just embed it to be removed later after the redline updates are complete or leave for reference...
          2. You could just do with doing all your redlines in SolidWorks itself if all your checkers will be SolidWorks users.  Again you will have to be able to checkout the drawing to accomplish this...


          I am sure others will have some really good ideas as well...



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            Hiroto Natishumi

            Good day Tom,


            There is actually an app for SolidWorks 2016 / 2017 that does almost precisely what you are asking. It's called InfinityDRAW, there's a video here showing pretty much exactly what you wanted: InfinityDRAW + SOLIDWORKS 2017 PDM - YouTube