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    Paste as Shared

    Faur Arama

      What is usage for this option. I try to find detailed information about this but no success.

      My first impression is that is acting like a shortcut. I can't figure what is the difference between referencing a part from original location and using paste as reference part.

      If someone use this please advice me.

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          Kishore Garakipati



          "Paste as Shared" option in EPDM enables you to place the virtual instance of a document\file in multiple folders of EPDM. However once you apply paste as shared onto a file, EPDM will maintain a separate record (in data base) to track the storage of that file in multiple folders. Technically, only one physical file exists in the vault but it's virtual instances can be copied and paste-shared across multiple folders of EPDM. Hope this informaiton helps..


          Note: Typically in EPDM, files paste as shared and files being paste as shared do not maintain parent-child relationships. If the original file which was paste as shared is deleted from its original folder location, the new paste as shared file becomes independent byitself by having the physical existance in the new folder.

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            Wayne Tiffany

            An example for us is that I like to have my SW drawing files in the same folder as the models.  Easier to work with, keep track of, etc for my part of the project.  We also save out a PDF copy.  But other people think that all drawings should reside in a common folder.  Ok, let's put the PDF files there.  The problem with that is that the PDF is out of sight, out of mind - there isn't any good way to quickly check to see if the SW drawing, the PDF copy of the drawing, and the models are all about the same age, etc.  So a solution is to keep the PDF & SW drawing with the models and then do a Paste as Shared of the PDF into the common drawing folder.  That way those that want to see all the drawings there will see them, but yet I can still keep my stuff together.



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                Corey Vantilborg



                   Be extremely careful of shared files.


                   Sharing files with no references, is pretty fool-proof however, sharing Files with references is not.


                   When you check out a shared file, it will show up as checked out in all the folders, however it is actually only checked out in the folder where you performed the operation.  As a result all of the other shared copies are still read-only at the previous version.


                    When working with reference files it is easy to end up with Solidworks referencing the read-only copies when you expect it to be referencing the checked out file.  This is made worse because now you can permanently disable the dialogue which would have told you the referenced file is read-only.


                    My suggestion is to stay away from shared files, convince others in your company to use search more effectively, or look into Items.


                Corey V