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    I want my middle button to pan!!!

      I have a logitec mx400 mouse with middle button. The default setting when the MMB is pressed is rotate, but I want it to PAN. I dont want to press CTRL because I already have my left hand on a 3d mouse. I already get the rotation and zoom from the 3d mouse, but I am missing the pan function.


      Can anyone help?

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          Matt Lombard

          I could offer you a hanky.


          Why don;t you use the 3d mouse to pan? or program a button on the 3d mouse to be ctrl. Or use the arrow keys. Or use the mouse driver to reprogram buttons. or just use the tilt wheel to pan the way its set up.


          By the way, what software is it that you are trying to make SolidWorks run like?

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              You got me!!


              I am use to Inventor, where the middle button pans and I got used to my setup with the 3-d mouse and regular mouse combo. I already setup a button on the 3d mouse that does ctrl, but I would prefer having the mouse middle button do it instead. I guess its just a question of habit...

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                  Scott McFadden


                  I know versions some years ago there used to be a mouse tab

                  in the customize window that allowed programing of the buttons.

                  Unfortunately it is not there any more.

                  The only thing I can suggest is if you were to program the pan into

                  mouse gestures maybe that could work for you or in the settings

                  for your mouse driver there might be a way.

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                    Robert Tupa

                    After much searching, I found the following program;


                    It's working like a champ so far.  Phil has done a very nice job on this for it being freeware.


                    I previously attempted to use the Microsoft Intellipoint software.  However, it doesn't discern between button down and up events.  You can only activate macros on a down/up event, not just down as is needed for panning.

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                        Peter Zawistowski

                        Hi Robert,


                        Would you be willing to provide some details on how you re-mapped the middle mouse button from tumble to pan using X-Mouse?  I want to do something similar, but map to mimic Autodesk Alias rather than Inventor. 


                        My mapping is a bit more involved but I cannot seem to get it to work.  I tried re-creating your map [middle mouse pan] and could not get that to work either.  I am hoping if I saw how your's works I can apply it to my goal.


                        Here are some details [Sorry, long post]:


                        The default commands in SW are:


                        MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] = Tumble

                        CTRL+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] = Pan

                        SHIFT+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] = Zoom


                        I would like to change these to the following default Alias commands:


                        SHIFT+ALT + LEFT MOUSE [HOLD] = Tumble

                        SHIFT+ALT + MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] = Pan

                        SHIFT+ALT + RIGHT MOUSE [HOLD] = Zoom


                        So in short I want to do the following:


                        SHIFT+ALT + LEFT MOUSE [HOLD] => MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD]

                        SHIFT+ALT + MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] =>  CTRL+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD]

                        SHIFT+ALT + RIGHT MOUSE [HOLD] =>  SHIFT+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD]


                        This is what I tried within X-Mouse:


                        1. Added SolidWorks exe to the list of Applications
                        2. Go to Settings/Modifier Keys and set Activate Layer 2 to SHIFT+ALT.  Click Enable Modifier Keys
                        3. Keep all settings on Layer 1 to "No Change (Don't Intercept)"
                        4. In Layer 2 do the following:


                        Left Button = Simulated Keys (during)[{MMB}]

                        Right Button = Simulated Keys (during)[{SHIFT}{MMB}]

                        Middle Button = Simulated Keys (during)[{CTRL}{MMB}]


                        I see that when I press SHIFT+TAB that x-Mouse toggles to Layer 2


                        The weird part is that I get the following behavior:


                        SHIFT+ALT+MMB = Now Zooms

                        SHIFT+ALT+LMB = Default Behavior

                        SHIFT+ALT+LMB = Default Behavior


                        I think that part of the problem is that the "activating" hotkey in SW is not exclusive...For example:


                        SHIFT+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] = Zooms BUT SHIFT+ALT+ MIDDLE MOUSE [HOLD] also Zooms because SHIFT is being held


                        So maybe the problem is simply that the default commands in SW will not allow re-mapping in this case?

                        Or maybe my understanding of the input logic is simply incorrect?


                        Any help would be appreciated.



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                            Robert Tupa


                            Sorry (and happy) to say I ditched X-mouse when I discovered AutoHotkey .  It can handle remapping of keys and buttons as well as perform macros.


                            This is the discussion thread that got me started. Please note that this thread is on autohotkey.com.  The link I put in the first sentence above takes you to ahkscript.org.  There's an explanation of why the two websites (and software) on this page.


                            One script I have turns caps on whenever SolidWorks is active.  I have also created scripts for pasting information copied in Excel and pasting in a predetermined order in a Peachtree purchase order.


                            Anyway, good luck.  I'm not a programmer.  But, I like efficiency.  I will try to help if you need it.

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                                Peter Zawistowski

                                Hi Robert,


                                Awesome, thanks a lot for the reply.  I will try to play around with AutoHotKey and to see if I can achieve what I am after...I am not a programmer either but I'll try to work from the syntax of the examples.  My worry is that since some of the commands in SW already use shift, and I am trying to add shift+alt commands, that there may be some confusion here.


                                I'll get back to this forum if I have further questions.




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                        Try holding down the "Ctrl" key in conjunction with the middle mouse button.



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                          Daniel Melendez

                          Hold down the middle scroll button without making it scroll then simultaneously RMB then pick the pan option and pan away. Thanks, Daniel

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                            Adam Meyer

                            Try this program:




                            I have used it for a few years without problems.